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Weathermodels.com is a new professional forecasting service for weather enthusiasts and companies that rely on superior weather forecasting tools.

It is the home of Dr. Ryan Maue’s (COO with weather.us) model maps, and will host new inventions that push the boundaries of modern weather forecasting.

Weathermodels.com North America focuses on the North American realm and will feature only some international maps, so it is best suited for people interested in weather that mainly takes place in the US, Canada and Mexico. However - there will be an international version of this website coming out soon that will shift its focus to international areas.

Current subscribers have access to a variety of models such as the ECMWF, GFS, UKMET, HRRR, and NAM, as well as several others. Additionally, we have our own in-house .8 x .8 mile resolution “SWISS SuperHD” model available for several parts of the US. All available models and areas can be tested in our open model viewer, that differs from the one behind the paywall only by its actuality.

Check it out now for free and without signup and enjoy the beautiful maps!

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Florence On Final Approach To The North Carolina Coast Today

Hello everyone! Hurricane Florence is on final approach to North Carolina today. By the time tonight arrives, the storm will be just a few miles offshore, likely preparing to make landfall. As of this morning, the first outer bands of the storm are arriving on the Outer Banks, with conditions set to quickly begin deteriorating. Any preparations that haven’t already been taken care of should be rushed to completion! This blog will discuss some of the additional tweaks to Florence’s forecast, specifically the intensity forecast, but will primarily focus on the tools we have available at weather.us and weathermodels.com to


Major Hurricane Florence Set To Arrive In North Carolina Tomorrow, Longer Term Track Remains Uncertain

Hello everyone! Major Hurricane Florence is churning towards the coastline this morning as a category 4 storm with 130 mph winds. A better understanding of the upper level pattern has opened up a new idea forecast-wise for Florence, which is what this post will primarily be discussing. Note that these changes to the forecast exist only after Florence arrives either in or within a few miles of Wilmington NC. Coastal NC will see major impacts from Florence, regardless of what happens this weekend. GOES-East Water Vapor satellite imagery (click here for satellite tutorial video) provides a great overview of Florence and